Study: Running CAN Make You Live Longer

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More reasons to choose a running event as a charity fundraiser...

Time magazine published an article this week by regular Health & Fitness contributer, Sanjay Gupta M.D. summarizing a study that tracked the health of middle-age runners from the 1980s to now. Read the the inspiring results at,28804,1703763_1703764_1853207,00.html.


tjs317 said...

Nice Blog! I'll forward this story to Carolyn. I like the homeless counter, but it seems low?

will spend more time reading your blog soon.

Youth & Rural Revitalization

Actively engaging youth and their families toward both personal fitness and community involvement will slow drain of rural population migration to urban areas.

One of the ways this youth engagement is accomplished in Delta County, Michigan is through family-oriented, community health and fitness events. See The Salvation Army Home Run as an example.

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Home Run Events is a forum for solutions that create Sustainable, Healthy, "Inclusive", Neighborhood Environments (SHINE) in our communities - beginning with the homeless.

We aspire to relocalize rural economies through affordable net-zero energy housing, local organic agriculture and financially self-sufficient social services programs.

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